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About Albania

This small Mediterranean country, is blessed with an unexplored, virgin nature that captures the essence of four seasons, from the cold white snow up the mountains, down to the hot southern beaches with crystal water, to the picturesque villages with colorful scrivener . “The land of the Eagles”, is an attractive tourist destination, not only due to its varied landscapes, but also

Thanks to its rich cultural and historical treasures. Many conquerors have passed through the region, leaving traces of their cultures. These treasures are still visible : the remains of some of the world’s great civilizations, including Hellenes, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, or Venetians. Tourists have the opportunity to touch the ruins of some of these might civilizations : ancient and archaeological cities (Butrint, Gjirokastra Berat under UNESCO protection, Appolonia, Durres, Bullis.)

The Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches, mosques, monasteries with valuable frescoes and, icons, old Ottoman-style bridges and other monuments, will also enrich your visit to Albania. This is a country where different religions have peacefully coexisted side by side, during the history and has been lauded as an example of religious harmony worldwide. Albanians are patriotic people who take deep pride in their roots and history, but also have a long tradition of being very friendly and welcoming to visitors who are always welcomed to feel at home.Aside from its rich cultural history, you can’t miss Albania’s cuisine, which strongly reflects the history, geography, and Mediterranean climate of the country. Traditional dishes are byrek , tave kosi, oshaf, tava e krapit and the most famous alcoholic drink Raki.

If you are looking for a unique experience, this unexplored and fascinating country will be like anything you have ever seen.